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A Side of Atlanta

Thanksgiving is a time to celebrate the ties that bind. Where we can come together over a table of our favorite foods, and indulge in the company of loved ones. A food lover’s favorite holiday, weeks are crossed off the calendar as the day of feasting draws closer, each day crossed off means one closer to the traditional turkey. But… Read more →

To-Do in ATL

There is never a shortage of fun to be had in Atlanta. Beautiful architecture and a vibrant culture come together to create a truly unique experience for those looking for a little fun down south. However, sometimes there is too much to be seen in one trip, and you may miss out on some of the best Atlanta has to… Read more →

Atlanta Aims For Hollywood

Atlanta has always been and will always be the cultural center of Georgia. Whether music, food, or fun, no one can deny the draw to this vibrant place of song and dance. It should come as no surprise then that officials have recently announced their newly-minted involvement with the film industry. The first American city to officially announce a partnership… Read more →

Peachtree+ Pine Works

Founded in 1981, Peachtree+ & Pine continues to serve as an advocate for the people. The goal of the taskforce is to represent the rights of the Metro Atlanta homeless community. For the past 23 years Peachtree Pine Works has served various individuals seeking affordable housing. “No person left outside” continues to define the task force mission to endure social… Read more →

CRU Atlanta!

Since 1966, CRU Atlanta has been reaching out to young adults with more than 1,300 full-time staff members, CRU affiliates, and local community volunteers. CRU Atlanta is a community filled with like spirits and Christ-centered, maturing believers who are like-minded in a mission and purpose. CRU Atlanta is most efficient when collectively engaging the heart and mind of our Lord… Read more →