CRU Atlanta!

Since 1966, CRU Atlanta has been reaching out to young adults with more than 1,300 full-time staff members, CRU affiliates, and local community volunteers. CRU Atlanta is a community filled with like spirits and Christ-centered, maturing believers who are like-minded in a mission and purpose. CRU Atlanta is most efficient when collectively engaging the heart and mind of our Lord Jesus Christ. Without the vitality of a rich intimate relationship with God and firm grasp of His Word, CRU Atlanta’s mission and framework is meaningless.


CRU Atlanta’s mission is to:

  • God by helping complete the Great Commission.
  • Build spiritual movements so every teenager has the opportunity to know and follow Christ.
  • Envision a day when every teenager will have the opportunity to know Jesus and make Him known.
  • Spread Faith, Fruitfulness and encourage Growth.




Because we desire for every student to have the opportunity to encounter Jesus Christ, to understand and experience the gospel through faith, we always: Take the initiative to share Christ in the power of the Holy Spirit leaving the results to God.



Because we desire for every believing student to experience genuine life-change—to be established in their faith, grow in a healthy relationship with Christ and rapidly reproduce among others—we always: Model and communicate the Christ-centered life by helping others understand, experience and pass on the foundational concepts for Christian living.


Because we desire for every believer to have the privilege of reaching others for Christ and to see God send ever-increasing numbers of laborers into the harvest of the campuses, communities and the world, we always: Send Christ-centered laborers to engage in intentional evangelism and disciple-making.


Thank you to CRU Atlanta for allowing us to speak at Carver High School. It is imperative that we continue to teach todays youth the importance of making goals and challenging themselves while preparing for the obstacles ahead of them.


Similar to CRU Atlanta, Komichel Johnson speaks at Carver High School on the importance of goals and dscovering your life structure.


“Make sure your acquaintances have the same goals, I live my life keeping these core values in mind:


  1. God
  2. Family
  3. Business” – Komichel Johnson