Peachtree+ Pine Works

Peachtree+ Pine

Founded in 1981, Peachtree+ & Pine continues to serve as an advocate for the people. The goal of the taskforce is to represent the rights of the Metro Atlanta homeless community. For the past 23 years Peachtree Pine Works has served various individuals seeking affordable housing.

“No person left outside” continues to define the task force mission to endure social change and shift the funnel for the metro Atlanta homeless population. Being on Atlanta’s most populous street, at the border between the downtown and midtown business districts, Peachtree+ Pine Serves as both a blessing and challenge for the homeless task Force.

The vision for the location was to create a sustainable, inclusive community within a community of various individuals, such as those who were homeless, currently homeless and never-been homeless. The community serves as a liaison providing a space for everyone to interact, work and learn together.

The Task Force is a member of the National Coalition for the Homeless.

Below you will find images of Komichel Johnson and two sons Feeding the homeless with other community members at Peachtree+ Pine.

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