Fulton Prepares For Summer’s End

With the school year looming, Fulton, Atlanta is looking to expand their already enormous district to meet the rise in student population. Construction on new schools, management of a fleet of buses and large-scale coordination is necessary to manage the over 90,000 students in attendance.

Komichel Johnson

In the fourth-largest school system in Georgia, Fulton is home to 57 elementary schools, 19 middle schools, 17 high schools and eight charter schools. This huge number of schools is sure to clog roadways with scores of buses, but officials don’t expect problems with locals being used to volume on the roads.

Taking the necessary precautions, all district drivers have undergone training and bus maintenance checks. With the district expecting more than 700 new students, the routes were mapped and ran by the drivers to insure no students are left behind. Combined with the nearly 800 new teachers, this massive district will need all hands on deck for a smooth transition into the school year.

To make room for the massive student population, four new schools will be opened this fall: Asa G. Hilliard Elementary School, Heards Ferry Elementary School, College Park Elementary School, and a temporary site for Esther Jackson Elementary School. Though Esther Jackson’s construction is due for completion by 2016, the many students will be accommodated until the final brick is placed. Alongside these public schools, two new charter schools will be opening in East Point: the Latin College Preparatory school and the Latin Grammar School.

A new school year brings new challenges for both the district and family members. Getting the kids to school, managing you time now that summer is gone, and more than a fair share of groans as kids shoulder their backpacks and head off to learn. Though the outpouring of students will be massive, Fulton has taken the steps necessary to meet the tide of incoming students, and provide them with the very best facilities. For more on Fulton’s preparation, click here.