Atlanta Aims For Hollywood

Atlanta has always been and will always be the cultural center of Georgia. Whether music, food, or fun, no one can deny the draw to this vibrant place of song and dance. It should come as no surprise then that officials have recently announced their newly-minted involvement with the film industry. The first American city to officially announce a partnership with the film industry, Atlanta will be ushering new talent into the world of movies and television.

Mayor Kasim Reed, along with the International Alliance of Theatrical Stage Employees Local 479 recently announced their partnership. Their brainchild, the City of Atlanta Entertainment Training Program, is meant to tap into the source of Atlanta’s cultural talent and pull out the next big names to shape our entertainment industry. An amazing opportunity for citizen and city alike, the introduction of this program will bring attention and funding to Atlanta.

Komichel JohnsonTaking a page out of Georgia’s book, the mayor of Atlanta hopes that the resounding success of Georgia’s film industry, earning the state $6 billion in revenue and jobs for over 23,000 citizens. Training for hands-on roles like gaffers, riggers, and cameramen is what allows the film industry to continue like it does. Without hard workers willing to get their hands dirty, the film industry collapses, and for a city that thrives on a vibrant art scene and cultural diversity, that cannot happen.

An innovative educational system, the introductory two-day workshop participants are placed on a set just days after being introduced to the concepts. The hands-on approach to learning makes this education equal parts formal and classic, combining elements of apprenticeship and study. The current incarnation of the program is set to run 17 weeks, and while it has yet to roll out officially, many are sure that this program will only further cement Atlanta as America’s entertainment capital.

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