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Komichel JohnsonThanksgiving is a time to celebrate the ties that bind. Where we can come together over a table of our favorite foods, and indulge in the company of loved ones. A food lover’s favorite holiday, weeks are crossed off the calendar as the day of feasting draws closer, each day crossed off means one closer to the traditional turkey. But what if you didn’t want to wait for the holidays to enjoy your favorite foods? What if it could be Thanksgiving all year round? For those lucky enough to be in Atlanta, there are more than a few places you can go to get a taste of the season.

The Colonnade Restaurant: Known for its decadent dishes that harken back to mom’s cooking, the Colonnade serves up Thanksgiving-quality grub all year. From black-eyed peas and rice with giblet gravy to sweet potato soufflé. you can’t go wrong when visiting this quality establishment for a taste of the holidays.

Milton’s Cuisine & Cocktails: Another fine establishment looking to carry the spirit of Thanksgiving throughout the year, Milton’s is where you go for uniquely southern-spun Turkey day treats. Sautéed green beans, rich buttermilk mashed potatoes and grilled asparagus are just the tip of a delicious iceberg of delights.

Revival Decatur: Devoted to replicating that feeling of family at the dinner table, Chef and founder Kevin Gillespie designed his menu around that theme. Each meal is served family style with more than enough to go around. His famous mac n’ cheese and lemon-glazed sweet potatoes would be right at home on any family table. The show-stopping treat, however, is the Gillespie family iron skillet cornbread. A dish that will stop a conversation in its tracks with its presentation and mouth-watering taste.

Some of the best places to get a taste of the season long after Thanksgiving has passed. Atlanta has you covered for whatever you need to satisfy your holiday hunger. The next time you find yourself down south with a taste for turkey, head to Atlanta, and eat to your heart’s desire. For more on this sumptuous subject, click here.

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