Top 5 Communities in the Metro Atlanta Area

The best part about moving to a new city is the excitement that comes along with it. Relocating offers new opportunities and various open doors. So many new residents have relocated to the Metro Atlanta area within the past year, its no wonder the city has become a prime hot spot. Georgia is the home to many vibrant communities—active cities, towns and neighborhoods, each with a distinctive appeal. As an introduction to the blog, Lets shine the spotlight on neighborhoods within Metro Atlanta that seem to be holding appeal to younger active professionals. Metro Atlanta is home numerous remarkable neighborhoods, so of course they all can’t be listed, But heres the top 5! These communities represent what we some of the most popular places to live in Metro Atlanta.

Peachtree City

Would you believe me if I said the primary mode of transportation in Peachtree City was by Golf carts? Peachtree consists of a 90 mile network of multi-use paths which makes it ideal to take golf carts EVERYWHERE. Peachtree city is also the home of a “500-acre Flat Creek Nature Area” where you can experience the wildlife first hand. Be sure to come by for the 4th of July celebration to experience one of the biggest celebrations south of Atlanta.

peach tree city - komichel johnson

College Park

Heres a fun fact: College Park is the fourth largest historic district in Georgia. But moreover, College Park is also the home of the largest private school in the United States: Woodward Academy. Known for the burst of new restaurants that opened downtown, College Park continues to mix “the historic with the new”.

metro-atlanta-skyscraper-komichel johnson


Another town mixing innovation with history.  In Decatur residents continue to enjoy the ever growing environment of more than 200 shops, galleries, services and performance venues. Eddie’s Attic will remain a historical attraction for music lovers. Known for the Venue where several big-name artist played in their early days, Decatur will remain the home of old school music lovers. Many find the traditional small-town atmosphere mixed with sophistication and excitement of a college town pleasing and beneficial for the town of Decatur.


Sandy Springs

If you’re looking for a Fortune 500 company, it probably exists here. Sandy Springs is considered an independent county entitled Fulton County city to be exact.  Sandy Springs is now the home of Fortune 500 companies and tons of families. Here live the “King” and “Queen” towers providing Atlanta with an aesthetically pleasing skyline. Sandy Spring offers an endless amount of high end shopping and dining options for tourists and local residents. Can’t forget the entertainment, Sandy Spring also owns the Chastain Park Amphitheatre allowing Sandy to serve as an entertainment hub as well. Oh and fun fact: Sandy Springs ranked fourth on Money magazine’s 2010 “Rich and Single” list.



Duluth was named a Tree City in 1989, Pretty boring huh? No but really Duluth is one of the few up and coming cities still recognized for its dedication to preserving green space. Duluth hosts the yearly Flicks on the Bricks family film festival and SummerStage Concert Series.  Its historic features include historic boutiques and cafes. Duluth offers a sense of comfort to families looking for a residential development with a variety of public and private school options.


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